Self Soothing Box

This is part of what I would call a crisis management plan. When going through a very rough time and feeling very low a self soothing “coping” box can be helpful.

What you put in the box is up to you however this is a good starter: (note : ideally box will fit under bed or in a cupboard as a personal thing just for you)

Get an empty box from supermarket/local shop.  Decorate box inside and out with some nice wrapping paper. Inside put some tissue paper on the bottom. I find it gives the box a nice comforting feel.

To start with:- just my ideas- no right/wrong- whatever you feel…..

Nice notebooks- hold, write in, doodles, look at.

Nice pens pencils etc.

art/craft materials

Cute notecards


Box of favourite cuppa soup

Nice clean gorgeous mug just for rough times (Emma Bridgewater is pricey but lovely to hold but any mug that feels nice is great)

clean pillowcase nice colour (use when feeling very rough)

a small teddy or cute stuffed toy

nice shower gel/soap- a selection

small fluffy face cloth

smelly candles if feels safe

a trashy magazine


It will take time to fill box but a start means gradually over time you can fill box with nice things that will feel comforting in a crisis time.